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The CSSF has accomplished the following:


The Hug in a Bowl program continued through 2012 with great success. Betsy produced endless batches of chicken noodle and 15 bean soup to be purchased by friends and co-workers. The proceeds of the sale were donated to the Christopher Shatagin Sports Foundation.

We would like to extend a special “thank-you” to Kirk Mudgett, Christopher’s cousin and best friend and Lori Thomas for requesting donations for the foundation in lieu of gifts, for their wedding in Oct. 2012. We so appreciate this kind and loving gesture of support.

We would like to thank our friends and family who generously contributed both money and time to Christopher’s legacy. Without their support, we would not be able to continue our mission of improving the lives of disadvantaged youth through sports.


In the spring, we supported summer programs for three local organizations in the Burlington, VT area, The Sarah Holbrook Community Center, King Street Youth Center and the Boys and Girls Club. We also began supporting the 52 Kids Foundation - Uganda which is based in Charlotte, VT.

  • The Sarah Holbrook Community Center serves a diverse community in the Old North End of Burlington. Their services include a pre-school, after school programs, summer camps, a teen program, food assistance and English classes.
  • King Street Youth Center also provides services to the youth of the Burlington area.  These include a pre-school, after school and teen program.
  • The Boys and Girls Club of Burlington offers a number of programs.  Their three core areas of focus are arts and technology, career readiness and life skills, and athletics and health.
  • The 52 Kids Foundation doesn't do "aid as usual". The foundation works in and around Kamuli, Uganda, and focus on three 'E's that have been proven to make dramatic enduring changes in peoples' lives: Education, Empowerment, and Employment.


We completed our 9th year of sponsoring baseball camps in conjunction with the Fundacion A. Jean Brugger in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. We have been supporting two baseball camps a year for 25-30 children (boys and girls) with the help of the Executive Director of the foundation, Priscilla Uncuyo Lacayo. The Fundacion A. Jean Brugger’s mission is to identify, improve, and expand educational opportunities in partnership with the community of San Juan del Sur. We have joined together to support the idea that every child deserves to learn and play baseball. At the end of camp the participants keep a baseball cap, a shirt with “SHATAGIN” on the back, and life long memories.

Friends and family donated a huge amount of baseball equipment for the camp this year. We would like to offer a special “thank you” to the Wolfe-Wallace family. When they visited San Juan del Sur this summer they carried down 57 baseballs, 12 bats, 12 mitts, 4 pairs of pants, 9 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of kleats and a bat bag! The donation of equipment is so appreciated by the A. Jean Brugger Foundation and the children and families of San Juan del Sur.

We had a nice surprise on the morning of Mother’s Day in May. NPR featured our baseball camp in a piece on the program It’s Only a Game. Check out the pictures and wonderful feature.

John Macdonald, Christopher’s brother-in-law, was invited to be on the board of the Brugger Foundation earlier this year. John accepted the position and looks forward to working with us to support the educational opportunities and growth through participating in baseball camps to the children of San Juan del Sur and the surrounding area.


The Christopher Shatagin Sports Foundation is a donor-advised fund at the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund, an independent public charity with a donor-advised fund program. Contributions for the Christopher Shatagin Sports Foundation go to Fidelity Charitable and all grant recommendations are made at the discretion of the Christopher Shatagin Sports Foundation's advisors.